Year 6 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Year 6

When children reach Year 6, they are in the final part of Primary school.  Academically, they have to work harder than ever, as they sit end of year SAT tests in Year 6, which are a large focus for teaching.  However, we do try to balance the pressure of work with some fun and exciting aspects.  At the beginning of the year, children go on a Residential to Kingswood Peak Venture which is a fabulous opportunity for them to build relationships within the year group and with their new teaching staff whilst enjoying challenging physical activities.  As well as the fun involved, the residential gives a chance for the children to become more independent; a great preparation for the challenges of the SATs and high school.  The year ends with a trip to London to visit various sights and have an open-top bus tour.  All children become role models and leaders for the younger children and can volunteer to have many important roles such as: Play leaders, Befrienders and Ambassadors.    As well as these outdoor learning experiences, the children are given the opportunity to visit various religious places of worship such as the Church and Mosque. This allows them to develop their understanding of other faiths which in turn underpin our core British Values.


Importance of year 6

As previously mentioned, children take SAT tests at the end of year 6.  These are national tests taken by children throughout the country and results are reported in the press, to show achievement of all schools.  There are three tests which are Reading, Mathematics and Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPAG).  Children are assessed for writing, but this is through teacher assessment and moderation, rather than a test. 

This is not the only focus however, as the children need to work hard in all subjects, to achieve the level they are capable of.  This is why we stress to parents the importance of homework.  Children are given regular homework on a Friday, which is expected to be returned by Wednesday of the following week, at the latest. During the Summer, Christmas and Easter holidays, children are given a Learning Log to complete, to help them explore the next topic they will be studying.  We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s homework to ensure they complete it to the same high standard expected of them within school.  


How wonderful the year is

Y6 Kingswood Residential - Children partake in various activities such as: the 3G swing, archery, campfire, quad biking, laser tag and climbing.


Y6 year-end trip to London - We visit the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and have an open-top bus tour.  This trip allows opportunities for children to understand the history of British democracy and learn more about the monarchy and the law making process. Another valuable aspect of the trip is the experience of seeing and visiting some of our capital’s iconic landmarks which they will have heard of but not had the opportunity to see. 


Quotes from students:

“Maths lessons are fun and challenging and we are always being pushed” - Malikah Y6 2015

“London was the best trip I’ve ever been on, so far!” - Tony Y6 2015

“I can’t wait to come back to London with my family” - Hafsa Y6 2015



Year 6 have an indoor and an outdoor PE session on a Monday and a Tuesday.  Again, we ask for kit to be in school ready for these sessions.  Please ensure all kit is labeled.  


School Trips and Residentials

There are various trips and residentials for the children to look forward to in Year 6 such as the residential, trip to Eden Camp and London.



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