Technology is changing the lives of everyone globally. Through teaching computing across our school, we want to inspire and equip the next generation to for the rapidly changing world. At Mount Pleasant Primary School, computing is an integral component in the curriculum. Our aim to enhance learning in all areas of the curriculum using computing. When we teach computing, children are taught computing skills and computational thinking. Once they become confident, the children will then be able to transfer this knowledge to other subject areas.

As a school, we want to ensure the children have secure computing skills and computational thinking. This will enable children to become resilient, creative and critical digital citizens understanding their roles and responsibilities in the digital world.

The Mount Pleasant Primary School Computing curriculum prepares children to become digitally literate to ensure they know how to stay safe online. Within their lessons, they will develop their skills of programming and being able to solve problems through discussion and debugging their work.


Digital Leaders

We have recently rolled out our ‘Digital Leaders.’ These are children from each class who are expected to be role models for digital technologies. They are taught how to look after and store the computing equipment. They have also been able to access a STEM club which is helping to develop their computational thinking