Our Staff


Senior Leadership Team: 


Head Teacher:                                        

Mrs N Nazir                                                                             



Assistant Head (KS1):                   Assistant Head (KS2):

Mrs S House                                    Mrs S Ali



Assistant Head (SENCo):              School Business Manager:

Miss S Peat                                      Mr M Imran



Nursery Staff:

Mrs S Winter (EYFS Leader & Teacher)

Mrs T Majeed (SENCo Support & Teacher)

Ms F Akhlaque (Nursery Nurse)

Mrs K Azam (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Y Brook (Nursery Nurse)

Mrs N Kauser (SEN Support)

Mrs R Kauser (SEN Support)


Reception Staff:

Mrs S Robbins-Smith (Reception Lead & Teacher)

Mrs N Afeefah (Teacher)

Miss L Hampshire (Teacher)

Miss B Tait (Teacher)

Mrs F Ali (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs N Ali (Nursery Nurse)

Miss S Haigh (Nursery Nurse)

Mrs F Iqbal (SEN Support)

Miss Z Matial (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs H McLintock (Nursery Nurse)

Mrs J Ratajczyk (Teaching Assistant)


Year 1 Staff:

Mrs L Burns (Teacher)

Miss E Longden (Teacher)

Mrs S Samuels (Teacher)

Mrs S Akthar (Teaching Assistant)

Ms R Cox (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs S Kennedy (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs S Madih (Teaching Assistant)

Ms C Maguire (SEN Support)

Mrs R Mahmood (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs F Street (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs F Yeasmin (SEN Support)


Year 2 Staff:

Miss R Aziz (Teacher)

Miss R Khan (Teacher)

Mrs S Nixon (Teacher)

Miss U Arif (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs M Hussain (SEN Support)

Mrs R Hussain (Teaching Assistant)

Miss H Ijaz (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs M Killen-Wood (SEN Support)

Mrs M Mason (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs A Mughal (SEN Support)


Year 3 Staff:

Mr S Ali (Teacher)

Mrs J Coates (Teacher)

Mrs Z Whinfrey (Teacher)

Ms S Grant (Learning Mentor)

Miss R Leijnse (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs A Sharaf (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs N Waheed (Teaching Assistant)

Miss N Wood (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs S Begum (SEN Support)


Year 4 Staff:

Mrs D Golden (Teacher)

Mr S Masters (Teacher)

Mrs Z Razaq (Teacher)

Mrs S Akhter (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs C Bibi (Teaching Assistant)

Mr N Moorhouse (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs D Osman (SEN Support)


Year 5 Staff:

Mr A Greenhalgh (5A Teacher)

Mr M Shotter (5B Teacher)

Mrs S Saddiq (5C Teacher)

Mrs S Murtaza (Teacher)

Miss A Begum (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs I John (SEN Support)

Miss D Livesy (Teaching Assistant)

Miss S Patel (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs N Stead (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs N Tahir (SEN Support)


Year 6 Staff:

Ms S Jones (6A Teacher)

Mr A Stretton (6B Teacher)

Mrs Z Rashid (6C Teacher)

Mr M Hussain (Teacher)

Mrs J Gamble (Teacher)

Mrs R Mann (SEN Support)

Mrs R Mohammed (SEN Support)

Ms T Peace (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs F Raouf (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs S Saleem (SEN Support)

Mrs R Uppal (Teaching Assistant)


Cover Supervisors / HLTA / Language Support:

Mrs L Bairstow (KS1 HLTA)

Mrs K Corden (LKS2 HLTA)

Mrs B Mehreen (EYFS/Y1 HLTA)

Mrs F Ara (Cover Supervisor)

Mrs A Mozley (Cover Supervisor)

Mrs J Neal (Cover Supervisor)

Ms S Peacock (Cover Supervisor)

Mrs S Falhoui (Arabic Support)

Mrs S Madih (Arabic Support)

Mrs A Sharaf (Arabic Support)


Admin Team:

Mr I Atkinson (ICT Technician)

Mr R Douglas (Caretaker)

Mrs L Haley (Office Manager)

Mrs T Kershaw (Business Support)

Mrs H Simmonds (Finance Officer)

Mrs A Tahir (Business Support)

Mrs D Taylor (Business Support)


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs F Sadiq (Senior LTS)

Mrs S Sadiq (Senior LTS)

Mrs N Alam

Mrs S Ali

Mrs S Bi

Mrs G Doy

Mrs S Iqbal

Mrs R Kaur

Mrs S Kousar

Mrs M Kumar

Mrs C Maguire

Miss I Muhammad

Mrs S Saleem

Mrs R Sarwar

Ms J Slupik

Mrs D Yates


Contact the School

Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Street

Office Opening Times
Start: 08:00
Finish: 16:00

Breakfast Club 08:00 - 08:45

If, as a parent of a pupil attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide this free of charge.

Head Teacher: Mrs Naeem Nazir

Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Sandra House

Business Manager: Mr Mohammed Imran

School SENCo: Miss Sarah Peat

Chair of Governors: Dr Andrew Williams

Office Contact: Mrs Lynnette Haley

Tel: 01484 223198