Year 1 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Year 1

In this next stage of your children’s education they will continue to access a nurturing environment where they are provided with many opportunities to develop to their full potential.  They will be involved in interactive, practical learning which will stimulate and support their inquisitive minds.

Our parents are valued as their child’s first teacher.  We encourage our parents to support their child’s ‘journey of discovery’ by entering into a home-school partnership which has the child as the focus.  We aim to share children’s achievements and next steps on a regular basis in order to ensure parents are aware of ways in which they can support.


Importance of Year 1

It is in Year 1 when the children begin their journey through the National Curriculum and our aim is for each child to achieve at least the expected national standards.  We have high expectations for each child’s progress and this is securely based upon the next appropriate steps for them.  We provide extra support for children who are not yet achieving expected levels, but also for those who are exceeding expectations in order to provide a challenging curriculum for all.  

At the end of Year1 the children undertake a Phonics Screening Check, which assesses their ability to read using the letter sounds they know (phonemes).  The Screening scores are reported to the Local Authority and then forms part of Government’s statistics.


Quotes from students:

“I really love dinosaurs. They are so cool!”

“I love Traction Man because he is brave and helpful!”


Some Year 1 Events

Visit from real life superheroes - In the Autumn term, for our superheroes topic we invited real life superheroes to come and visit the children such as a Fire fighter, Police Officer and a Paramedic. We asked lots of questions and they told us all about how they care, serve and protect us every day! The children even got the chance to explore an ambulance and fire engine!

Visit from T-Rex In our Spring term the children had a surprise dinosaur visit which was absolutely fantastic! The children got to touch Rex and also watch him have his teeth brushed by his owner Mike. Luckily for Rex, Miss Samuels carried around a bag after him just in case he needed a GIANT dinosaur poop!


Homework / PE days

P.E. in Year 1 takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.  We request that P.E. kits are left at school and returned as soon as possible after removal for washing / checking.  All children’s belongings must be named so that they can be returned to the owner if they are lost.

Homework is provided each Friday and should be returned by Tuesday the following week.  We request that parents create time to talk with their child about their Homework, as this is very much embedded in their current learning and can help to secure their further understanding of the current topic.


Water Bottles

Your child is provided with a FREE water bottle. It is their responsibility to take it home and we expect parents to clean the bottle and provide fresh water every day.


Home Reading

It is vital that book bags are brought to and from school every day.  We ask that you read with your child for ten to fifteen minutes each evening.


School visits, trips and special events

During the year we will have visits to lots of interesting places.

Aumtumn 1 Moon Zoom - Exploring a crash scene
Autumn 2 Visit from real life superheroes
Spring 1 Visit from T-Rex!
Spring 2 Tea party with the Queen
Summer 1 Walk to Beaumont Park
Summer 2 Yorkshire Wildlife Park


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