'UFO' found at Mount Pleasant School

(The 'UFO' at Mount Pleasant)

A crashed spaceship left a puzzle for youngsters at a Huddersfield school.

Children turned up at Mount Pleasant  Junior, Infant and Nursery School on  Monday to find the wreckage of a UFO  in the grounds.

There was also  pink goo and slimy footprints all over the playground  suggesting aliens may have survived the  crash landing.

The silver wreckage was taped off and  a Streetscene ranger, Fatih Uddin from  Kirklees Council, stood guard.

Fortunately, the crash scene was only  a mock-up courtesy of scrap metal  merchant Billy Wells, of Meltham.

The idea, from literacy co-ordinator  Marion Oya, was aimed at inspiring  youngsters during the school’s  transition  week – when two weeks before the end  of term youngsters   move  up a year.

(Streetscene Ranger Fatih Uddin and children from Mount Pleasant examine the 'wreckage')

Year 6 pupils have left for Moor End  Academy while the other years have  moved up early.

The switch helps youngsters adapt  quicker come September.

School spokesman Hazel Ettienne  said the crashed spacecraft gave  youngsters inspiration for their writing.

She said: “Most of the children have  English as their second language so this  gives them something real for their writing.

“A early transition is quite unusual for  schools and it is all part of our drive to  become an outstanding school.”

(Courtesy - http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/mount-pleasant-school-pupils-find-4924086)

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